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Team Coaching versus Team Building

Last month my newsletter article was on the difference between team coaching and team building. It is a question I get from prospective clients and coaches alike, and thought that it would be useful to share with you:

Team Building versus Team Coaching - What's the Difference?
Originally published in the Group and Team Coaching Nuggets Newsletter, February 2014
Copyright Jennifer Britton, 2014.

One of the questions I frequently get asked is what is the difference between team coaching versus team building? Having been involved in team development processes for more than two decades I know that both types of programs can look and feel quite similar on the surface. Where we do start to notice differences is in where the emphasis is being placed.

In the 2009 ICF Global Coaching Client Survey, coaching clients indicated that they saw several differentiators between coaching and other modalities. Our focus as coaches on goal setting and on-going accountability are key definers of our work. In the team coaching context this translates to ongoing conversation points rather than a one-off intervention. As coaches our starting point with teams is in goal setting, and having the team spend time identifying and acting on what's important for them. 

Another important difference I see inour work as team coaches, which may not have the same emphasis in team building, is our focus around creating opportunities for teams to expand their AWARENESS and take ACTION towards their commitments . As team coaches, we will be in conversation with teams over time, inquiring about the actions they have taken and the impact it has had both on the RESULTS of the team and their RELATIONSHIPS.

As team coaches we may be working with a team to:
- Develop a team charter, a set of behavioral norms to which they all agree to, no matter what
- Enhance relationships within the team
- Understand what each individual brings to the team, collectively and individually
- Exploring the strengths, values and vision of the team
- Goal Setting and Action planning
- Create ongoing accountability around their commitments and goals
(Adapted from Britton, 2013, pp. 137-138)

As team coaches we bring tremendous value to teams we work with including:
·         Creating and prioritizing  the space for the team to pause and reflect
·         A non-judgmental sounding board/space for dialogue
·          Mirroring  back to the team what is going on
·         On-going accountability
(Adapted from pp 146-147, Britton, 2013)

Many of you have heard me speak about the Group Program Continuum. Practically we may also see ourselves on a continuum with respect to team coaching and team building as well. 

Questions to consider:
What do you see as the value we bring to teams?  
What feedback  have you received about the value and impact?
What do you see as differences between team building and team coaching?
What are your clients looking for? 

With best wishes,

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Group coaching clients benefit from the peer learning with others, commonly referred to as the collective wisdom of the group. This peer learning is often as important as the interaction with the coach.

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