Monday, July 22, 2013

The Benefits of Group Coaching

I recently wrote an article for the CoachingTools site on the Benefits of Group Coaching which grew out
of questions from coaches, prospective clients and organizations around what are the benefits of a group coaching process. I hope that you will read the article here.

As I wrote several years ago in my first book, Effective Group Coaching, benefits for coaches include the ability to work with a larger number of individuals, offering a range of services at different price points. Many coaches may also appreciate how group coaching can leverage their time and impact.

Coaching clients, or participants of the group often comment on how powerful the peer learning process really is, as well as the different pace a group coaching process offers. Many clients may find it more comfortable to have more time to reflect and learn from the insights of their peers. The lower cost of a group coaching process can also be a great attractor.

I have written on the benefits of group coaching for organizations before (see earlier blog posts). The cross-functional fertilization that happens between group members is increasingly important in today's collaborative workspace, where today's business challenges require new approaches. The scalability of a group coaching process, also enables  more individuals to benefit from a coaching process, at a lower cost per capita. One of the more intangible, but important benefits of a group coaching process, is the relationships formed across, and within an organization.

For those interested in reading further about group coaching benefits I hope that you will:
Read the recent article I wrote for Coaching Tools here
Refer to Chapter 2 in Effective Group Coaching (Wiley, 2010)
Refer to the Chapters on Group Coaching and Team Coaching in my newest book - From One to Many, Best Practices for Team and Group Coaching, just released by Jossey-Bass. 

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