Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Coaching Business Builder - Consistency and Tracking

Consistency of action and tracking are key to any coaching business. So many times I hear from coaches that "no one responded" after they sent out an announcement for their program, ONCE. Just as with the marketing of any product or service, marketing of coaching services takes time and consistent effort.

We often talk about the 7-11 times rule in marketing, which means that people may need to see a product advertised 7-11 times before they decide they may even need to purchase it. Coaching services are an even more individualized service. It is important to recognize that those you are speaking with, or marketing to, may not have an immediate need for coaching, yet down the road the moment may come. As such, building and maintaining relationships and keeping the communication going with those who are following you is important.

At the same time, it is very useful to track where your results, and business, is coming from. Is it through newsletters, a blog, personal contact, social media, word of mouth or other?  What do you know about the short-term, and long-term, results of each strategy you are using. If you are not doing so already, ask people how they are finding out about you. What are the topics or themes they are connecting with?

As you think about your own work ask yourself:
1. What are some of my most important goals this year?
2. What activities are going to support me in getting there?
3. With these activities, what does consistent mean?
4. What is giving me results  - short-term, long-term?
5. Going forward, what do I want to track?

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Jennifer Britton, PCC, CPCC
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