Monday, December 03, 2012

Bringing in more visuals to your group and team programs

Think back to a program, webinar, presentation you have recently participated in. What did you enjoy the most? I would guess that if we took a poll some of the things you might have enjoyed would include: interactivity, visuals and connection.

In today's digital age, many of us get captivated by visuals and images. How are you incorporating visuals into your work? From MindMapping to postcards, from collage to cartoons, here is a quick list of 8 things you might want to consider incorporating into your work:

1. MindMapping - have group members create a MindMap related to the work you are doing. It could capture their learning, capture their vision or design a program.
2. Stock up in some post cards or other photos and bring them into the conversation
3. Create your own treasure trove of stock photos by investing in some at IStockPhoto or other site.
4. Start developing your own cadre of photos. With today's smartphones it has never been easier to develop our own portfolio of neat shots - landscapes, buildings, signs etc.
5. Get visual - bring in an activity like collage with your teams or groups. I often encourage teams to create a "story board" of where they are going. You may also have your group members create a vision board.
6. Pinterest is a great place to have photos come alive. (Get permission before sharing snaps of your own events.). You may also want to have group members make their own boards based on their learning, action and awareness
7. Check out the variety of visual decks which can be used in coaching (or training sessions), as well as retreats at
8. Lead from photo and story rather than text. What photos capture your message?

What other visual supports/resources would you recommend? What do you want to bring into your programs next year?

Have a great week,

Jennifer Britton, PCC, CPCC
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