Monday, February 13, 2012

Group Coaching Tip - Visual Anchor Points

Providing visual anchor points for group coaching programs are important when facilitating in the virtual realm, particularly if your program is being delivered only by telephone. Approximately 60% of adult learners have a preference for visual learning, with this number expected to increase in years to come. What visual anchor points do you provide in your virtual programs?

Here are a few suggestions of things you may want to consider incorporating:

1. A handout/worksheet which can be PDFed and sent to participants before the call, or downloaded during the call (note: consider what will be easier and less distracting for participants). The worksheet might include:
  • Space for people to note what they would like to share about their commitments/accountabilities
  • Any questions they have or areas they would like to explore
  • Space for any activities/exercises/discussions to be undertaken during the call
  • Fieldwork/assignments after the call
  • Resources for further follow up

2. Encourage group members to take notes during the call, or send out a journal they can use for the course of the program. It can be useful to give people an idea at the start and throughout the call where you are going. The program journal can be a great resource throughout the course of the program, and after it ends.

3. At the start of a call have people create a map or table of who is who on the call, so they have a visual representation of who is who.

4. Consider exploring the integration of a screensharing or webinar platform, if you think it will add value and not detract from the core of the group coaching conversation. Also consider what may create barriers to participation (i.e. does everyone have broadband access).

Questions to consider:

What anchor points do you already have in place?

What visual anchor points would you like to add/incorporate into future programs?

For more tips and ideas on virtual programming, you may wish to check out Chapter 6 of my book, Effective Group Coaching, which goes into further detail about virtual and in person program delivery.

Have a great week!

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Brian said...
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Brian Farrell said...

really liked when we did the "sitting around the table" exercise. It's was interesting to find out not only where we each placed other members around the table, but also the type of table drawn.