Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Selecting A Group Exercise - Questions To Consider

I often get asked "What coaching tool or exercise should I use in my group program?". Questions, discussion and exercises form the backbone of any group coaching program, as well as workshops and retreats.

In my book, Effective Group Coaching, I outline the following 11 questions to consider when selecting your next exercise:

1.What is the theme you are currently working around (i.e. balance, leadership, time management?)

2. What stage of development is the group in? (Refer to Group Process In Chapter 2 of the book).

3. What does the group need at this stage? (Closure, Celebration, Energizing, Check Point?)

4. What is the message/learning you want to create for the exercise?
5. What's the tempo that will work for the group?
6. How will this exercise support different learning styles?
7. How will the exercise compliment other exercises - in terms of theme/learning styles?
8. What risks are associated with this exercise?
9. When would this exercise be most suited in terms of placement - i.e. icebreaker, closure exercises etc?
10. What else does this exercise need as a compliment?
11. What questions should follow or be part of this exercise to allow the group to learn the most from it?

As you move forward with the design of your next program, consider how these questions can support you and your group.

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Jennifer Britton, PCC, CPCC

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