Sunday, August 08, 2010

Group Coaching Exercises

This week we looked at Group Coaching Exercises during the Group Coaching Essentials program.

Many coaches often wonder "What kind of exercises will I run with my groups?"

The good news is that as a coach you already have a number of really great tools that can be adapted for the group coaching context. Consider the following tools and think about how you could adapt them for your next group coaching process:

- Wheel of Life
- Values
- Visualizations
- Powerful Questions
- Creating a Vision
- Vision Boards
- Journalling
- Life Mapping

This week during the class I shared with the group some of my experience and favorite exercises I've used with different groups - business owners, professionals from financial services and health care, groups of international professionals, womens groups and those looking at work-life balance. Regardless of type of group, I do find that many of the topics/exercises listed above are relevant across client groups and focus.

Over the years I've included more detailed info about group coaching exercises here at the blog (check out the group exercises tag). I also go into much greater depth in the Engaging Exercises for Teams and Groups Manual and I dedicated a 40 page appendix in Effective Group Coaching to the topic of exercises.

In moving forward with exercises in your own group coaching work you may wish to:
- Make a list or mindmap of all of the coaching tools and exercises you have at hand
- Consider what adjustments you would make to these tools for the group context
- Research new tools and exercises
- Connect with coaches you know to swap stories and ideas
- Explore associations such as ASTD and the resources they have which can be adapted for coaching with groups

What is going to be your next step as it relates to exercises?

Have a great start to the week,

Jennifer Britton
Group Coaching Essentials: Next session starts next Tuesday August 17 (7-8:15 pm ET). We'll spend 1 of the 5 calls of the program looking at group coaching exercises
Email: info{at} potentialsrealized{dot}com
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