Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Favorite Group Coaching Tools This Year

Every year at this time, I like to look back and take stock of some of my favorite tools and resources of the year, and share them here on the blog.

This year, five of my favorite tools and resources are:
  • Visual Explorer from the Center For Creative Leadership. Those of you who joined me in Orlando know the power of this visual tool. I continue to bring it in to team and group coaching sessions, along with workshops and seminars as a conversation starter, and awareness builder. Visit to learn more about the tool in its many different forms.
  • Facilitative Coaching by Dale Schwarz and Anne Davidson. This book is chock full of exercises and resources for your coaching work. Although geared primarily for a 1-1 setting you could adapt many of these for a group context.
  • MindMapping seems to make my list each and every year, but I do so love this tool for program design, brainstorming and getting clients unstuck. Check out the tag MindMapping for some ideas on how I use it. Once again, is the best computer based MindMapping tool around. Try out their 21 day free trial at

Two new tools which hit my radar screen, but I have not used yet, but am very intrigued by are:

Points of You - The Coaching Game - This very visual tool is described as "designed to foster clear communication and broaden points of view". Part of the tool are brilliant photos in a card deck. It could be a very interesting tool to bring into your group coaching work, in addition to 1-1 work with clients.

MindBloom - a neat computerized goal setting and tracking tool. Viist them at They have a 14 day trial.

I recently came across both of these later tools in Orlando at this years ICF Conference and feel that they both have great potential for group coaching work. They were so intriguing that they've made my list this year.

What have been some of your favorite tools and resources for group coaching, workshop, and retreat work this year? I'd love to hear - please feel free to comment below.

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