Monday, June 09, 2008

10 Essential Items for Your Next Participant's Retreat or Group Coaching Kit

Looking for some quick tips on what to include in your next retreat or in-person group coaching kit for participants?

Here' s a quick list of 10 items I always include for each of my in-person programs:

  1. Welcome Letter
  2. Learning Guide/Manual to accompany the program (with ample space to write on/in)
  3. Book (or e-book link to sustain the learning once back at home/the office
  4. Notice of group follow up call or individual coaching session
  5. Invitation/announcements of future programs
  6. Resource List/Bibliography for further follow up
  7. Business Card
  8. Postcard (which participants can also use at the end of the program as a "letter to themselves about their greatest learning which you collect and mail out at a later date to remind them)
  9. Personalized pen from your company
  10. Gift Certificate for discount to future programs or services
Running a virtual program (one by phone)? Consider how these items can be modified and distributed to participants by email or snail mail prior to the programs. Remember, 60% of participants are visual learners, and in a virtual or phone based environment, it is still important for participants to have some immediate visual cues.

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PS - I've had a lot of emails indicating that you are finding the Top 10 lists quite useful for your work related to group coaching, workshops and retreats. What other top 10 lists would you like to see? Drop me a quick email and let me know! I'm happy to feature your request in any upcoming post.

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