Monday, June 04, 2007

Group Facilitation Tip - It's all in the Question

I'm blogging tonight from Atlanta where I am attending, and facilitating at the 2007 ASTD Conference. There is nothing like the energy of being surrounded by 8000 delegates and some of the best minds in the field of learning and development. I have to say I love the buzz!

During the conference, I am co-facilitating three Learning Labs, a space for participants to reflect on their conference experience and unearth the learnings to take away, along with concrete action steps to move forward with their learning. We had our first learning lab this evening for coaches and it was great for both participants, myself and co-facilitator Deborah Riegel.

My learning theme for the day circles back to one of our most powerful tools as coaches and group facilitators --- the power of a powerful question. Jim Collins started off the day with the morning keynote, speaking on Sustaining Greatness. He indicated that one of the words of wisdom Peter Drucker had once told him was that "A great teacher asks great questions". This theme of powerful questions continued throughout the day, right up to our learning lab which really was just a series of powerful questions that participants coached around.

Take some time and reflect on your most recent, or upcoming group coaching or group facilitation program. What powerful questions are you asking? Who is doing all the work? Who is doing the talking? How are you creating the space for participants/clients to explore their own answers?

After's all in the question!

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