Monday, November 06, 2006

ICF Conference Buzz

It's been a busy past couple of weeks, and I'm popping in between two amazing conferences. I arrived back home last week after spending five days soaking up the tremendous energy, enthusiasm and knowledge from coaches at the 2006 ICF Annual Conference in St. Louis. It was a phenomenal week -- 1300 coaches in attendance from over 32 countries.

I'm hoping to do a longer conference brief later on, but here are some of the intial highlights that stood out for me:

Guy Kawasaki talked to us on Friday on the Art of Innovation -- as a former software envangelist for Apple, his messages were great!

Andrea Lee on Coaching Electric -- gave some great tips on coaches who are walking the talk and expanding their business through technology. For those of you who work with entrepreneurs or professionals leaving the corproate sector you may want to check out Escape from Cubicle Nation

Lynne Twist - The Soul of Money -- an inspirational and provocative presentation on our relationship with money. An excellent book for either you or your clients. Like myself, Lynne worked globally for many years, and her stories really touched my heart.

There's so much more to share, however, I am getting ready for another two days of conference. Tomorrow, I will be speaking at the Canadian Society for Training and Development Annual Conference on Retreats that Engage and Stay! I'm looking forward to it and connecting with other Canadian professionals in the learning domain.

I'll be back later this week with many more highlights from both events. Speak with you then! If you were at the ICF Conference, what were your highlights? Feel free to comment using the link below.


Jennifer Britton, CPCC, CHRP, CPT
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