Monday, August 28, 2006

Why are exercises important for group programs?

Here's my second post on exercises for group programs - have you thought about what exercises you have at your disposal? If not, take some time thinking about what you already have in your toolkit, and do some web based research into areas which are lacking.

So, why are exercises important? The most important factor for me is that it provides the opportunity for participants to get involved, engaged and in charge of their learning. Think back to some of your worst learning experiences. I am sure that they probably entailed listening to a person lecture on and on, or prehaps a speaker who was over-passionate about following a Power Point presentation.

Exercises are the cornerstone of group coaching, as well as workshops or retreats. Exercises allow us to create a framework for our participants to:
  • Explore major topics
  • Deepen the learning
  • Reflect on their experience, knowledge and feelings
  • Make connections between what they already know

Exercises can set the tone for a program and play an important role in energizing a group or providing closure.

In following posts I will be talking more about exercises you can use to energize a group, provide closure and use to kick a program off.

Stay Tuned!

Jennifer ~ Potentials Realized

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