Monday, March 13, 2006

The Power of a Take-Away

I really like to give participants something tangible to take away from a group coaching program. This may be as simple as a journal I give out at the start of a program for participants to write in, during and after our sessions, or it may be a collage participants have designed themselves during the program. It's very easy now to purchase inexpensive journals, or blank books, at a dollar store. I often have participants email me weeks or months after a program is complete, thanking me for the gift of the journal which they now use regularly.

One of the many powerful tools we have as coaches is accountability. A take-away can be a reminder to our group coaching clinents of their commitments, their dreams, their vision. What take-away will you include in your next group coaching program?

I'd love to hear from you through the comment link below -- what's your favourite take-away?


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